Doubt I will ever run out of things to learn from Mike. He has an incredible ability to quickly pinpoint what’s most important in each lesson, using fantastic taste, tone, knowledge and patience to break down each concept into an achievable goal.

Abby G

I decided to try a lesson with Mike because I had hit a wall with my playing and couldn’t find a way to break through it. My practice time resulted in minimal advancement at best, and I was frustrated with the instrument and my inability to move forward on it.

I spoke with Mike about it, and we set up a lesson so he could see what was getting in the way of my progress.

During our first session, Mike sized up the issues that were preventing my advancement. Step by step with each subsequent lesson, he dismantled the wall that had been holding me back.

A year and a half later, I am still studying with Mike on a regular basis. My playing improves from lesson to lesson. My home practice has a clear, focused direction and is rewarding, because I can see progress and I’m not wasting time. The frustration is behind me, and playing the Dobro has become exciting and fun. I look forward to every lesson with Mike, as they are always full of new material to learn.

Over the years, I’ve studied with many Dobro teachers at various music camps and workshops. To me, Mike is the best Dobro teacher around, hands down. He is patient, encouraging, very observant, and knows exactly how and when to lead the student to their next level of playing. He cuts through the complicated information, simplifies it, and makes the resophonic guitar much easier to learn.

Aside from all that, Mike is an incredible musician who can play many forms of music well. He can pull the most beautiful tone from his instrument, which is signature to his performing style. His playing reminds me of how beautiful this instrument is and provides a very high standard I can aspire to. I feel blessed that he has made himself available to those who wish to study with him.

My only regret is that I didn’t start lessons with Mike sooner.

Linda J

Mike has an uncanny ability to zero in on the areas of my technique that need tweaking. Every workshop and Skype lesson that I have had with Mike has resulted in a significant advance in my playing. They have been especially helpful in getting me off those ‘plateaus’ and out of ruts. And now that I think of it, I’m due for another session.

Steve T

Not only is Mike Witcher a top shelf player, he is a gifted teacher. He’ll analyze your playing and tailor the lesson to address the things you need to work on. The best teacher I have had the pleasure of working with.

Terry H

Mike is simply the best. He is able to tailor his teaching to the level of the student and yet make each lesson fun and challenging at the same time. He has a very easy, non-intimidating way about him that brings out the best in even the newest player.

James S

Just bought a lesson from Mike and think its Brilliant. Very clear instruction and great arrangement. I definitely think this will improve my playing and knowledge. I also love just listening to mike’s playing , he’s one of the best out there.

Stuart J (wales uk)

Not only is Mike an incredible dobro player, he’s an awesome dobro teacher. I believe he has increased my playing ability, and definitely, my joy in playing this great instrument. In each skype lesson, he has the ability to teach me in an understandable fashion, and yet knows just how much to challenge me, so I keep growing into this instrument – Can’t say enough good things about him!

Jon A

My Skype lessons with Mike are always worthwhile. From the fundamentals to the fine points, Mike is a masterful and caring instructor. During our lessons, I feel like Mike is on a mission to help me develop my listening and my playing to a more nuanced, creative and satisfying level.

Sean F

I learned of Mike Witcher’s remarkable teaching ability after attending ResoSummit and Nashcamp music camps.   Using Mike’s web based personal lessons he has taught (and continues to teach me) principles of finding both melodies and harmonies in a variety of situations.  Mike’s Skype HD lessons are like having him in my living room. He can see and hear the mistakes I make, make corrections to my technique, and demonstrate how it should be done. His lessons are a wonderful value.

Pete E

Mike’s far more than just a teacher of the resophonic guitar.  He’s a guide.  There are a multitude of educational materials and instructors out there, but rarely do any of these lead you to a complete understanding of the instrument and what to do with it.   Anyone can play songs from an instruction book or downloads from a website, but what about all the gaps?  What about really having a grasp of the connections?  What do you do when you hit a slump in your understanding and in your playing?  Mike Witcher can set you on the right path and be there as your guide!

Mark L

Mike is an awesome teacher. He is especially good at working with kids.  As one of the top players out there he can take anyone as far as they can go.  One of the best instrumental teachers we have ever had, and with a family of 8 we have had a lot.  Cannot recommend him highly enough.

Allen S

I have been taking lessons with Mike via Skype for several years now and I still find each lesson brings new insights and improvements to my playing. The Skype format works very well and provides the kind of one-on-one interaction only a personal lesson can provide. What is most important to me is that Mike provides excellent instruction on the technical aspects of playing but also shares great insights on musicality and those intangible things that take your playing from a collection of notes to a compelling musical statement. I have also been fortunate to participate in several camps and workshops with Mike; these are always focused and well-planned and have been a great “live” compliment to my on-line learning. Thanks Mike!

Leonard S

I have taken a workshop at CBA Music Camp, plus three in-person private lessons with Mike.  I can vouch for the fact that he is an amazing teacher!  He is caring and supportive and positive, while at the same time pointing out basic aspects in my playing which could be improved.  He makes very efficient use of time in a lesson, so that the student gets the most useful instruction possible.  I felt he was encouraging and helping me to find my own “voice” on the dobro, at my own level – rather than handing me TAB and saying, “This is the Right Way to play this tune.” If I lived near Mike and/or had a decent internet connection (sadly, neither choice is available to me) I would most surely be a regular student.

Laura A

Great arrangements of wonderful classic tunes for the Resonator. Prompt & helpful back up. A full archive of Media from books to video. Well done & thanks Mike. Great work!

Bob G

Im a serious Dobro student and play in a working Western Swing Band.  Every year I study with “big name” instructors. But I regularly return to Michael Witcher when I want to receive analysis of my playing and practical guidance. Michael does more than teach to the lowest denominator. He examines your playing and gives you the input you need to move ahead. If you really want to get better do these two things:

1. Buy a copy of  his book, Resonator Guitar, tunes techniques & practices skills.

2. Practice all the drills in the book.

Your playing will rapidly advance. Back this up with regular practice and a workshop with Mike and you are on your way to Resonator progress.

Tim D

Mike Witcher is simply the best. It’s been several years since my first one-on-one lesson with Mike and there is no doubt I wouldn’t be the player I am today without Mike’s knowledge, insight, instruction and inspiration.

Kyle S

Mike has the best online video lessons on the world wide inter webs. Hands down. There’s a method that he’s been working on for many years, and it works. All the other ways of trying to learn just took me twice as long, and didn’t have a direction. Mike’s lessons get the job done faster than anything…. online or offline.

Tim P

Is your dobro playing in a rut? Need guidance and a path to take your dobro to the next level? Look no further and do what I did…Skype lessons with Mike Witcher!

Dave F

Fantastic. Mike Witcher is a world class player with a clear and productive teaching method.


Mike’s resonator lessons on Skype are a great value and very easy to use. Mike is the real deal–his technique is impeccable and he is a savvy enough player to explain the theory of why the lick or phrase works.

Mark F

Like  many recreational players I started out with downloaded lessons, books, lots of tab for songs and some licks and struggling in jams if I didn’t know the tunes. I really had no idea  how to learn the dobro.  (played my dreadnaught for 10 years and held my own in those same jams).  Mike’s ability to teach is rare, organized and seldom available from world class musicians.  Don’t take my word for it, just read the comment by Jerry Douglas on the back of Mike’s first instructional book.  Then take online lessons. It has sure increased my enjoyment and abilities.

Ed C

Best Dobro Instruction anywhere !!! I began studying Dobro with Mike about two years ago as a beginner. I bought both of his instructional books as well as his fretboard chart. I made a commitent to learn all of the tunes in the two books as well as work on the techniques over that winter. I did monthly Skype lessons as well, which I still do. Now I must admit that I practice a lot and I was previously a Guitar Player. But All bragging aside……. After two years I can hold my own on Dobro in most Bluegrass Circles. My soloing is coming along well. I am playing Lap Steel as well as National Tricone in Open D which he has helped me with. All of my Musical Friends are blown away by how much I progressed in a relatively short time. Mike is one of the top players on the planet today. He is also an amazing Teacher. I highly recommend Mike Witcher’s instruction to anyone who either wants to learn the Dobro or enhance their existing skills.

Howie B

I’ve taken a handful of online Skype lessons from Mike, and every time I’m amazed at how productive they are. He’s able to fine-tune my technique no matter what I’m trying to learn. Mike has been able to answer any question I bring to the table, and makes learning this instrument much less frustrating. He stresses theory and technique which are required to strive with any instrument. He slows me down when I’m trying to play too fast, and corrects my problems at the source. On top of all of this, he’s one of the best to ever play the dobro. Thanks, Mike!

Sean M