Resonator Guitar: Tunes, Techniques & Practice Skills

Dobro Book by Mike WItcher, Resonator Guitar Tunes, Technique and Parctice Skills, Dobro LessonsGreat for the beginner wanting to start with a proper foundation and for the seasoned player wanting to clean up their style. This book is filled with explanations and exercises for executing and practicing proper right and left hand technique. Rolls, hammer-on/pull-offs, string pulls and open/closed position scales are presented in an easy to read and understand method.  There are 11 great arrangements for some of the most popular jam tunes today. The CD includes a demonstration of every exercise along with each song played at both slow and medium tempos. You can isolate the Dobro or the rhythm by panning your stereo left or right.
Book & CD
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1. Amazing Grace (1st String Position)

2. Amazing Grace (Open G Position)

3. Cherokee Shuffle

4. Cripple Creek (Simple)

5. Cripple Creek (with Rolls)

6. Fire Ball Mail (Simple)

7. Fire Ball Mail (with Rolls)

8. Maiden’s Prayer

9. Red Haired Boy

10. Roxanna Waltz

11. Salt Creek