Right Hand Technique Vol. 1




Right Hand Technique Volume 1 is a great set of lessons for beginners wanting to start their slide journey with a solid foundation. These Download Dobro Lessons start from step one, hand placement and proper picking technique. Each lesson builds on the previous one. There are 6 videos in this download. Titles include: Right Hand Technique: Intro To Rolls, Backwards Rolls, Arpeggios: Cleaning Up Pick Noise, Adding The Bar To Rolls, Developing Speed: How To Practice With The Metronome. The techniques are illustrated very clearly and are broken down into simple exercises to help develop accuracy, speed, economy of motion and fluidity. The download includes 3 pages of Tablature illustrating all of the rolls and exercises presented in the videos. These techniques will give you the tools you need to start playing your favorite tunes quickly.

This Download Dobro Lesson includes:
  • 6 HD Videos (1280 x 720),  Total time 37min,
  • Right Hand Technique – Intro To Rolls
  • Backwards Rolls
  • Arpeggios – Cleaning Up Pick Noise
  • Adding The Bar To Rolls
  • Mixed Rolls
  • How To Practice With A Metronome
  • Tabilture PDF- 3 Pages include 15 roll exercises and patterns