Fireball Mail- Simple Melody & With Rolls




This lesson contains two arrangements of the classic Dobro jam Fireball Mail. If you’ve gone through the Right Hand Technique Volume 1 video and want to learn how to apply rolls to a melody, this is a great place to start. In the first lesson, Fireball Mail Simple Melody, we will use the G Major Scale to find the notes in the melody, creating a basic structure for the song. In the second arrangement, Fireball Mail With Rolls, we will apply the basic forward roll patterns and string combinations from Right Hand Technique Volume 1. I hope that by learning the basic melody first, you will gain some insight into applying rolls to a melody to get the driving bluegrass sound.

Download Includes:

  • HD Video -Fireball Mail Simple Melody (1280×720) 10:41 Min
  • Mp3 of Fireball Mail Simple Performance
  • Tablature PDF of Fireball Mail Simple Melody
  • HD Video -Fireball Mail With Rolls (1280×720) 15:51 Min
  • Mp3 of Fireball Mail With Rolls Performance Slow Tempo
  • Mp3 of Fireball Mail With Rolls Performance Medium Tempo
  • Tablature PDF Of Fireball Mail With Rolls
  • Mp3 Rhythm Track Slow Tempo
  • Mp3 Rhythm Track Medium Tempo