Hi Folks, I’m having a great time working with my friends at PEGHEAD NATION to create an extensive library of online video lessons for Dobro players of all levels.

The Beginning Dobro coarse provides a great recourse for players looking to build a solid technical foundation with effective practice exercises. We learn to navigate the fretboard through basic chord shapes and scales and immediately apply them to find melodies to some classic songs. Along with providing tablature of each lesson and exercise, I walk you through my thought process for finding melodies, embellishing them and eventually improvising. Once you’ve made it through the Beginning Dobro coarse, you’ll be ready for the Dobro Workshop.

The Dobro Workshop  dives deeper into playing out of multiple positions in a single key leading to more expressive and interesting solos. Building a library of licks through studying the styles of the masters, we focus on what makes a good solo and how to use the scales and chord shape patterns to play what we hear in our head. Learning tunes and songs in different keys with out a capo allows us to explore open positions to find the unique sounds each key has to offer. This coarse is full of material from a broad range of styles, Bluegrass, Blues, Country, Americana and a ton of Dobro Classics. A new lesson is uploaded every month. Feel free to write in to request a song or topic.

For a complete list of lessons and practice material, head on over to .