Linda J

I decided to try a lesson with Mike because I had hit a wall with my playing and couldn’t find a way to break through it. My practice time resulted in minimal advancement at best, and I was frustrated with the instrument and my inability to move forward on it.

I spoke with Mike about it, and we set up a lesson so he could see what was getting in the way of my progress.

During our first session, Mike sized up the issues that were preventing my advancement. Step by step with each subsequent lesson, he dismantled the wall that had been holding me back.

A year and a half later, I am still studying with Mike on a regular basis. My playing improves from lesson to lesson. My home practice has a clear, focused direction and is rewarding, because I can see progress and I’m not wasting time. The frustration is behind me, and playing the Dobro has become exciting and fun. I look forward to every lesson with Mike, as they are always full of new material to learn.

Over the years, I’ve studied with many Dobro teachers at various music camps and workshops. To me, Mike is the best Dobro teacher around, hands down. He is patient, encouraging, very observant, and knows exactly how and when to lead the student to their next level of playing. He cuts through the complicated information, simplifies it, and makes the resophonic guitar much easier to learn.

Aside from all that, Mike is an incredible musician who can play many forms of music well. He can pull the most beautiful tone from his instrument, which is signature to his performing style. His playing reminds me of how beautiful this instrument is and provides a very high standard I can aspire to. I feel blessed that he has made himself available to those who wish to study with him.

My only regret is that I didn’t start lessons with Mike sooner.

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