Instructions / FAQ

How are the lessons delivered?

After making your purchase, you will receive an email that contains a link to download your lesson. Your download link will work for 3 downloads and is active for 1 week.


You will be downloading a compressed .zip file. These are large files and download times may vary depending on the speed of your internet connection. When downloading the file make sure you know where you are saving it on your drive. An easy way to keep track is to make a folder on your desk top and save the files there. Once the zip file is downloaded unzip it to extract the files to your local drive.

How do I UNZIP the file?

If you are unfamiliar with the unzipping process, here are a couple of useful links.

Unzipping guide for Windows,

StuffIt Expander guide for Mac.

Here are a few links for FREE Unzipping software:

StuffIt Expander (free download for Mac)

Compressed (zippped) Folders utility (comes installed with Windows XP, Vista & 7)

7Zip (free download for Windows)

What's in the ZIP file?

The zip file will contain the following:

  1. HD Video Lesson (.mov file)
  2. Tablature: The tab is in PDF format.  Download free Adobe Reader here.
  3. MP3 of the performance from the video
  4. MP3 Jam Track  Medium Tempo (available when noted)
  5. MP3 Jam Track Slow Tempo (available when noted)

What software should I use to play the videos?

The videos are in .mov format. We recommend playing them with either Quicktime (Windows and MAC) or Real Player (Windows).

Both can be downloaded for free from the links below:

QuickTime  (Windows & MAC)

RealPlayer  (Windows)

How do I watch the video on my mobile device?

Add the HD Video Lesson (.mov file) to your iTunes library. Sync your video library to the device you would like to use to view the video.

Here’s a link to the apple support page for help.

How do I add downloaded files to iTunes on my PC?

To add media files to your iTunes library, select the files and drag them into the Music or Movies tabs. Alternatively, you can also try the following to add files manually:

1. Open iTunes

2. Click File > Add to Library (CTRL+O)

3. Locate the file(s) you wish to add. Hold CTRL to select multiple items. Once you have made your selections, click “Open” to add these files to your library.

You will now see the selected files in your Music or Movies tab, depending on what file type you have added.

You may safely download iTunes from Apple’s website here.

If you have further questions about importing files to iTunes, please visit the iTunes knowledge base for further information here.

I can't download on my mobile device!

Digital downloads are generally not available for immediate download on your mobile device. Due to the way some mobile operating systems handle audio and video files, the file(s) cannot be downloaded directly to your phone or tablet. You may be able to stream your media, but if there is any break in connection, you may experience difficulty with playback.

We recommend you download the files directly to a computer and then transfer them to your mobile device for playback.